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Not bad for a beginner. Nice use of frame by frame and tweening where appropriate. The Art style and animation overall looks choppy and unfinished though.

That's that.
Now, if you can't take criticism, don't post your stuff online.
If you came here, expecting five stars and lots of praise all around, you're very mistaken.
And the thing is, nobody shat on you. You were given constructive criticism. Learn to deal with it or go start a tumblr and build your own echo chamber.

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Top shelf!

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Top shelf, as always!

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The game looks OK so far.
It works. You can play it. The mechanics (that are implemented so far) seem to be in order. But I noticed more bad than good things.

Here are some things that bugged me and could be improved: (I will leave out what you said was fixed for the patreon version)
- Amanda is your main character, but she looks like she was hit with the ugly stick. Most prominent the placement of eyes and ears is off. All other characters look fine. (Well, some of the proportions are a bit off, but nothing too wild)
- The pixel graphics look aged and not in a good way. I feel like I'm playing a mediocre 90s computer game. I don't know if that's what you're going for but it doesn't appeal to me. You could have created the graphics directly in flash and they would look much cleaner and more modern.
- The graphics in general look very bland. There's definitely room for improvement here.
- Zoom levels. You don't need so many. Most important are overview and close in. Try making it so that clicking on any room puts it in fullscreen. There are now 7 zoom levels. You need 3, maybe 4 tops. Overall view. Fullscreen of room. Close in of "the action". And maybe something between overview and fullscreen. Maybe.
- Have an ingame manual or even a short tutorial explaining what to do. The first time I saw this game, I didn't even bother to play it, because it looked too complicated. Now to figure out what to do I had to go and visit another site. That's not good design.
- The stat screen of one of the slaves got stuck on the brothel view. It was on top of everything and I couldn't do anything about it. After some clients and time had passed, it just disappeared.
- I could not assign one of the slaves one day. It worked fine up until that point. Other slaves could be assigned just fine.
- Work more on the design of the game. You already have some good ideas, but it seems to be missing a central theme. Some things just don't add up. Like is this set in the 1600s - 1700s ? Does it even play on earth or some other planet? It's not very clear what the setting is.
- Lack of music and sounds. At least add some simple background music loop for now. There's tons to choose from right here on newgrounds. If you add music, you should also add the option to turn it off.

Well that's it for now.
Hope you can make some improvements and learn.

randomCrow responds:

Hey there

- you are kind of right. Amanda was the first character of the game I created
- I stay with the pixel graphic. Flash smooshed it quite a bit but I alreay found a way to make it like actual pixels
- indeed
- I will change that in a few updates. You are right
- there is an ingame tutorial right at the start. Isn't this enough? is it to vague?
- I'll fix this
- I think that bug was fixed in 1.7
- It will all make sense one day
- have to be occupied with it first. Will take a while

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